Which credit card for Tokyo trip?

Are you planning a trip to the sparkling metropolis of Tokyo and want to get to know the city with its impressive skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle and traditional way of life? Then you should inform yourself in good time, especially regarding the use of credit cards, before each trip, as Tokyo is a comparatively expensive city and limited financial means take away the flexibility during your stay.

Basic credit card acceptance

Basic credit card acceptance

Although Tokyo, with its 23 boroughs and almost 37 million inhabitants, is the largest city in Japan and one of the most modern areas in Asia, credit card acceptance can be limited if it is not a credit card issued in Japan. For the most part, banks keep a low profile when withdrawing cash using foreign credit cards. Only the Japanese Post Banks provide a total of 21,000 ATMs across Japan, which are abundant, especially in the metropolis of Tokyo.

Since Tokyo is an international economic center and is visited annually by millions of business people from all over the world, many hotels are accordingly set up to international standards and require a credit card at check-in. Although every hotel room can be paid for in cash, security is common in many hotels by depositing a blank credit card voucher. In the event of additional costs that may arise, for example, from the use of a minibar, telephone calls or hotel restaurant visits, hotels use these credit card vouchers to ensure that costs are covered.
If you prefer small hotels and cheap guest houses on the outskirts of the city, you have to be aware that you cannot pay your hotel bills with a credit card. It is therefore always advisable to carry enough cash with you.

The same applies to payments in restaurants or shops. The rule here is that the more exclusive the restaurant or shop is, the greater the acceptance of international credit cards. As a rule, this is signposted at the entrance doors or at least in the checkout area.
Neither taxis nor public transportation are set up to pay by credit card in Tokyo. Admission prices to sights, events or the like usually also require cashless payment. Car rental companies, on the other hand, mostly insist on a credit card to provide security in the event of a deductible.

Which credit card is best for traveling to Tokyo?

Which credit card is best for traveling to Tokyo?

Basically, all major credit cards can be used at the ATMs in Tokyo, which allow withdrawals from international providers. In restaurants and shops, credit card acceptance is often limited to the largest providers such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express.
When choosing the perfect credit card for Tokyo, however, you should compare the respective fees for payments and especially cash withdrawals in Tokyo of the individual providers. Some credit card providers do not charge fees for use abroad, while others often charge up to six or more percent of the total and again a few percent for the currency exchange euro-yen. Monthly basic fees or minimum sales per month / year should be a criterion when choosing a credit card and should also be compared.

So-called prepaid credit cards are based on credit and not only offer you good spending control during the Tokyo trip, but also in the event of theft and card misuse, the damage is limited to the existing credit on the card account. However, many prepaid credit cards are accompanied by high annual and withdrawal fees. Also pay attention to whether a prepaid card offers damage settlement in the event of unauthorized withdrawals by third parties and whether deposit insurance by the issuing bank is included, which protects you from loss of money if the issuing bank unexpectedly becomes insolvent.

In addition, special additional services from some providers can be quite advantageous for a Tokyo trip. Whether travel cancellation, foreign health and rental car supplementary insurance, various credit card applications include such additional services. Here you should consider in advance which additional services make sense for your stay in Tokyo.

Other payment options in Tokyo

Other payment options in Tokyo

Even if you shouldn’t do without a credit card in Tokyo for your own safety, it is recommended to exchange a few USD for yen in Germany in order to have enough money on arrival until you have found a Cream bank and ATM. US dollars are also accepted in hotels and most shops. In addition, you can also use travelers checks, which you can mainly exchange for yen in larger, internationally oriented hotels. These are insured even in the event of loss, so that you will be reimbursed the respective amount back in your home country, provided you immediately report the loss to the exhibitor bank.

All Loans Slots – Get Your First Loan Free

In this article, we will introduce you to the various Good Finance products, discuss the right loan amount and repayment period, as well as other important information on applying for instant loans.

Good Finance is available for early repayment of $ 50- $ 50,000 loan amounts and variable. All loan products differ in terms of amounts, maturities, and general terms. What all the loans have in common is that they are always granted without collateral.

Good Finance, searchable on the internet

Good Finance, searchable on the internet

Have grown in popularity over the past few years. Loan amounts have long remained at the same level as instant loans and consumer loans, but applicants have been given the choice of loan terms.

In addition, a new financing model for instant loans has entered the market: community financing to finance peer-to-peer loans.

All quick loans

Quick pin briefly

  • Loan amount: 10 – 500 dollars
  • Refund time: 3 to 30 days
  • When to take a quick tip: When you need a small amount of money quickly with a short payout
  • Best Feature: Free First Loan Offer – Get Your First Loan Free

E-Money, or instant E-Money, is the best known loan product in the group of instant loans. It is often synonymous with online loans with a short payout time and a small loan amount. Quick Loans range from $ 20 to $ 500 and are usually offered a 30 day payout period.

The loan can be paid at any time between 7 and 30 days, but if you wish to postpone the due date, you will incur additional interest and costs.

It is possible to get a first loan with a quick swap without any expenses or interest. If you are looking for a lever, be sure to keep an eye out for first-time deals.

If the express loan is delayed, it will incur considerable costs in relation to the amount borrowed, so make sure that the express loan is repaid in a timely manner.

All flexible loans

Flexibility in brief

  • Loan amount: 10 – 3000 dollars
  • Repayment period: 1 to 48 months
  • When to Apply for a Flexible Loan: When you do not know the exact amount of the loan and the repayment period
  • Best Feature: Can withdraw money in several installments and pay as you wish

Flexicurity came to meet the need for flexibility in loan terms. All other Good Finance are credited to the account at one time and the repayment period is agreed upon in the contract. The loan of a flexible credit allows you to withdraw the money yourself into your account from your credit account.

A credit limit is set for your credit account, which is usually between 2000 and 3000 dollars . As a flexible credit, you can withdraw money into your account within the credit limit. One or more withdrawals may be made and the duration of the contract is continuous.

As long as you pay the minimum monthly installments and interest, the credit account will be available at all times.

Flexicurity is also the only Good Finance you can withdraw money into your account at any time of the day . Once the loan decision is made and the account is covered, you can transfer money no matter the time of the day. The agreement will automatically continue until the balance of the loan account has been paid and no new withdrawals from the account are made.

All consumer credit

Consumer credit in brief

  • Loan amount: 500 – 50000 dollars
  • Payback period: 1 – 15 years
  • When to apply for a consumer loan: When you need a large loan, payment ALL long time
  • Best Feature: Long repayment, with the option of getting a grace period for months

Consumer credit covers large sums between USD 1,000 and USD 50,000 for loan needs. Consumer credit is the easiest way to get big loans without collateral or guarantors. If you need a big investment such as a boat, car or house remodeling, consumer credit is the best option.

An unsecured and unsecured loan ensures there is no need to put your own money as a pledge on your loan. For example, when buying a car, a new car is put as collateral on the loan, but unsecured consumer credit gives you the option of buying a car without collateral.

The loan period of several years allows you to obtain interest rates that are relatively low for the loan applied for as a consumer credit. The long loan period also allows you to keep the grace and repayment months as payment. Consumer Credit is the only Good Finance to receive large sums of money without collateral or guarantees.

Consumer credit offers the longest payout time of all stays. The payout period of 1 to 15 years also keeps monthly installments and loan rates comfortably low.

All peer loans

About peer loan briefly

  • Loan amount: 1000 – 50000 dollars
  • Repayment period: 12 – 60 months
  • When to Apply for a Peer-to-Peer Loan: If you don’t want to resort to traditional financial solutions
  • Best Feature: Extremely advantageous interest on the loan

All the Emma Bovars of 2018

Peer-to-peer loans are the latest of all types of instant loans. This is not really a personal loan product, but rather a financing model. Traditionally, loans are financed by a bank or other lender, but peer-to-peer financing is provided by individuals through a brokerage service.

A peer-to-peer loan offers private investors the opportunity to earn a return on their assets. Peer-to-peer loan services bring together loan applicants and investors, ensuring that all obligations are properly discharged.

The individual and the lender who financed the loan never meet, but all the activities are done with the assistance of an intermediary.

Investing in a peer-to-peer loan is not completely risk-free because you cannot be certain that some problems will not arise during the repayment period. Still, peer-to-peer loans have gained popularity as investment targets, and many places have raised interest rates on investments

How to Choose the Right Good Finance

How to Choose the Right Good Finance

The choice of the right Good Finance should be made carefully. In some cases, the amount of money to be borrowed will determine which loan to take. Sometimes, however, the loan amount can be found in several different loan offers, and in these cases, it is worth knowing the differences between different instant loans.

There are differences in terms of legal, loan terms and loan repayment times. Comparing these differences helps you find the best credit for your needs. The loan should not be applied for without consideration, even if it is just a $ 100 quick tip.

Often, for the applicant, interest is the key, but it is not good to get caught staring at the interest rate alone. The most important thing is to evaluate the loan product that suits your needs, which does not cause unnecessary expenses, but serves exactly the need.

There are many reasons for borrowing, and the chances of repaying a loan also vary, so all loan products have their place.

loan Amount

The amount of money you can borrow in quick loans ranges from USD 50 to USD 50,000. Small loans are granted in the form of instant loans and large loans are granted in the form of consumer loans or peer loans. loans below $ 3,000 can also be taken on a flexible loan, which allows you to determine the loan period yourself. If you make regular repayments, your credit account will always have a drawdown.

It is worth taking a little time to evaluate the loan amount. Too small a loan is not enough and you may need to apply for additional financing, or a loan that is too large will produce unnecessary costs. However, borrowing is very rarely free, so you should think carefully about how much to apply for Good Finance.

If you intend to apply for a loan of less than $ 10- $ 500, then you might want to look at options on instant leasing and flexible credit. A $ 500 loan is also available as a consumer credit, but the loan terms offered are not a cheap option. Flexicurity works well for borrowing small amounts if you plan to pay back quickly.

For loan amounts of USD 500 – 3000 the options are Flexibility and Consumer Credit. A flexible credit can usually be withdrawn up to a maximum of USD 3,000, either at once or in several withdrawals. Each time a Flexible Credit is repaid, the amount repaid will be returned to the account for withdrawal. This allows you to easily use your Flex Credit for different loan amounts.

Loans over $ 3,000 can only be achieved with a consumer credit and a peer loan. The supply of peer-to-peer loans is much more limited than that of consumer loans, but up to USD 10,000, peer-to-peer loans can offer very cheap loans. More than $ 10,000 is entirely on consumer credit, as other loans do not have enough payment times to offer such large sums.

  • Loans of $ 500 or less: Instant Loan and Consumer Credit
  • USD 500 – 3000: Flexibility and consumer credit
  • 3000 – 50000 USDo: Consumer credit and corporate loan


The loan can be repaid from 3 days up to 15 years. The terms of the loan products define the repayment period. Some instant loans offer the same payout time, such as Flexicurity and consumer credit, but other terms separate the two.

The shortest payout time is in urgent delays, where the payout time is 3 to 30 days. With flexible loans, the payout period is at least 1 month, so you can get the same payout times as with instant loans.

Flexicurity loans are usually loans with a maturity of 1 to 4 years, which can be repaid in full at any time. Flexicurity provides the most leeway for any loan, it is the only one that is not contractually repayable. Other loans will have to be repaid within the agreed time, and generally changing the maturity of the loan will incur additional costs.

Long payment periods of more than 5 years are fully reserved for consumer credit. With a maturity of 1 to 15 years, consumer loans offer the most payout time and the opportunity to have low interest rates. Long payback periods also allow repayment free and payday free months, which can facilitate long repayments.

  • Instant Lips are issued with a payout period of less than 1 month
  • Flexicurity can be obtained from 1 month to 60 months
  • No consumer credit can be obtained for less than 1 year

Choosing a payment period is as important as choosing the right loan amount. The payout period determines how much interest you will incur on the loan, but also how much other costs will accrue. A small loan with a long maturity pays much more for the debt than a large loan with a short maturity.

Interest and expenses for Good Finance

Borrowed money usually always accrues interest and costs. The interest rate on a loan is determined by several factors. It is affected by:

  • Applicant’s income and assets on the basis of which the credit rating of the Lending Service is made
  • Loan time for debt repayment
  • Loan amount applied for
  • The loan product with which the lever is granted

The financial data of each applicant is evaluated to determine whether and on what terms it will be granted. The better the income, the shorter the payout time and the better the interest rate for Good Finance is possible.

Interest is not the only expense but is incurred on a loan, but usually there is always an opening fee, a handling fee or a loan management fee and a withdrawal fee for loans granted in the form of flexible loans.

Every time you apply for a loan, you will need to compare all of the cost of your credit. Even if the interest rate itself is very advantageous, it is possible that other costs will significantly increase the total cost of the loan. The total cost may increase significantly if, for example, the opening fee for a short loan is significantly high.

Other loan requirements

Other loan requirements

Other requirements that you can set for a loan are entirely based on your own needs. For other applicants, it may be important for you to be able to pay off the loan in one go, or to have a grace period and months of payment.

Especially for long-term loans, it is good to have tools that can ease the repayment of your loan as your economy changes. Postponement of the maturity date or calculation of a new installment is considered to be part of these services. When applying for consumer credit, it is more important to take into account the benefits of a loan than in a short quick fix.

The applicant can also look for a loan with a fixed interest rate so that there is no change in interest rates over the long term. A consumer loan can be repaid with a fixed repayment amount throughout the loan period, but in the case of a flexible loan the amount may be varied as desired.

Other loan requirements may include:

  • Repayment-free and gratuitous months
  • Postponement of due date
  • Calculating a new repayment on the loan
  • Fixed rate loan
  • Possibility to pay off your credit in one go

The other requirements that arise from a loan will always vary from case to case, so it is important to determine what conditions you want your loan to qualify for. A well-planned loan need is the best way to ensure you get the best Good Finance can.

These issues need to be clarified before the contract is signed: once the contract is signed, no changes can be made without a new contract being signed. There are always extra costs for this, so it’s a good idea to check these things out in good time.

Sideline Credit – what you should know?



If you want to build a further mainstay through a secondary business, you often need additional financial resources. A good way to finance the project you want is to get a loan for a part-time job. However, convincing the bank of a loan with good terms is not always easy. However, if you pay attention to some things, there are very good chances.

Objective crucial in a loan for ancillary businesses

Objective crucial in a loan for ancillary businesses

If it is planned to finance the secondary business with a loan, then you should think very carefully in advance. It matters, for example, whether just one additional mainstay should be built up or whether it is that the initial small business is later planned as the main source of income. This factor is very important for banks. A permanent income is the most important requirement for a loan to be granted. If you now plan to use the secondary trade as the main source of income in the foreseeable future, the bank cannot use the current income situation to assess creditworthiness.

In such cases, it is necessary to draw up a complete business plan with the costs and revenues planned for the future. Such a plan can generally be a useful thing when you are looking for a loan for a side business. On the one hand, it helps people to deal with the project again extensively, and on the other hand, a professional plan can better convince a bank.

Under certain circumstances, credit institutions can also request such a business plan, even if there is a long-term, secure income situation. This usually depends on the desired loan amount. With large sums, banks usually want to see exactly how serious the relevant person is with their concerns. A business plan is a great way to evaluate such plans.

Find cheap credit options

Find cheap credit options

In order for the loan to be worthwhile for a secondary business, the new activity must generate more income than the monthly repayment costs. This can be a problem, especially when there is a very high interest burden. It is therefore worth comparing the various credit institutions in the market closely. Also useful here are loan calculators, which can be found in various forms on the Internet. They can very quickly calculate the burden of the various offers.

In this way, the person concerned can make a good estimate of the credit costs that will be incurred. As a rule, small loans should be sufficient for secondary businesses, since usually only manageable expenses and sales can be expected. If higher loans are needed, collateral such as real estate, vehicles, securities and machinery can help. Guarantors are another alternative.

Before contacting a bank, you should always contact the credit institution for reconstruction. The state supports start-ups with programs and low-cost loans that can even be used to initially arrange repayment-free years. However, the application must be submitted before the actual foundation. The possible grants alone can then help to prevent the need for a loan for the secondary trade.

Ranking of installment loans

The ranking of installment loans is a combination thanks to which you can choose a good financial loan. This is where you can choose the offer that will give you the opportunity to draw attractive cash on good terms. Installment loans allow you to receive a satisfactory loan that can be split into installments.

Ranking of payday loans


When browsing the pages with offers, we often find the ranking of payday loans and installment loans which presents lists in order from the most popular products. It is here that we can quickly apply for a quick loan that we will receive even in one day on account. The ranking of installment loans is nothing but the ranking of payday loans where we compare the full offers online.

Documents are important


For anyone who applies for payday loans online, it is important to always read the contracts that they will have to sign when applying for quick cash. This is the procedure that every customer should follow.

Using the payday rankings, the case looks much simpler because all access to documents is possible directly from the ranking page. With links, you can go to the home page of the lender who usually has documents in his PDF files. The installment loan ranking is always in a prominent position. You can also find payday loans for 60 days for free on favorable terms.

Important interest rate in the ranking

Free payday loans are beneficial because the customer does not bear the costs associated with the interest rate on such a product. However, this only applies to the first free loans. The offer is prepared for new customers and offers preferential money lending especially for them.

If someone has already taken out a loan in this company, they will certainly not receive a free payday pay once more because they will no longer be a new customer for such a company.

As you can see in the attached picture, it is good to follow any changes in offers where the installment loans ranking is. In such places you will find current statements in which free first loans can also be found.

Credit for implants – Find you bank

Implants are currently the best dentures on the market. Here, metal posts are inserted into the jawbone, on which the denture is later placed. This creates a stable hold and nothing can slip anymore. This creates a natural chewing sensation for those affected than is the case with conventional prostheses.

However, implants are a very expensive matter and the statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs. If there is no dental insurance and the necessary money, a loan for the implants must be taken out, because a few thousand dollars already come together with such treatment. The more tooth gaps have to be equipped with it, the more expensive the matter becomes.

Which banks are suitable for this?

Which banks are suitable for this?

Basically, the patient can go to any bank. It is certainly more convenient for bank customers if they do not have to contact their house bank. The problem is the personal conversation with the bank advisor, which is obligatory before a loan approval. In order to avoid this, the person concerned can either contact another branch bank or an online financial institution. This even brings advantages, which are explained in more detail.

The advantage of online banks

The advantage of online banks

It is not only the case that there is no personal conversation and the intended use is therefore irrelevant. The banks on the Internet also offer other advantages. First of all, there are interest rates that are significantly lower than is the case with conventional branch banks. Most online banks lack the branches. Everything is done exclusively on the Internet. This saves a lot of money and they pass this savings on to customers in the form of cheaper loans. It is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the internet for a loan for implants, because there are cheap offers here.

Another advantage is the absence of a personal conversation with the bank advisor. Everything is fully automated and no one asks about the purpose. An automated process takes place based on the information provided by the loan seeker, which either ends with a commitment or a rejection. The Schufa is checked at the same time. With a fixed income and a good credit rating, it is no problem to find a loan for the implants on the Internet.

Loan for the unemployed

Loan for the unemployed

Unfortunately, unemployed people do not benefit from such a loan. An inquiry with the foreign banks is also futile. Those who are recipients cannot hope for a loan for implants from the responsible social welfare office, but a grant can be hoped for for conventional dentures. However, a loan for dental implants is reserved for the better-off patients.

Instant loans without Credit Bureau

After applying for an instant loan, the money should arrive in the customer’s account within two banking days. In Germany, as with all other loans, a Credit Bureau request is common for instant loans, although even soft negative entries often lead to a refusal to credit because the bank cannot check the documents to be submitted due to the short processing time.

Due to the limited possibility of checking, some banks generally refrain from sending proof of income when issuing instant loans online, so that in addition to the information provided by the borrower, only the Credit Bureau information serves as credit security.

Instant credit from Switzerland

Instant credit from Switzerland

In contrast to German financial institutions, Swiss and Liechtenstein banks offer instant loans without a Credit Bureau request and without a Credit Bureau entry, since as non-members they do not receive any information anyway. Due to the lack of creditworthiness information, the Swiss or Liechtenstein credit institutions limit the amount of the loans they grant to 3500 USD, but only a few institutions pay up to 5000 USD for Credit Bureau-free instant loans.

Another restriction on the granting of Credit Bureau-free instant loans by Swiss banks is that the borrowers must not be older than 55 or 58 depending on the place of residence and bank. The transfer of Swiss or Liechtenstein instant loans without Credit Bureau is made in USD, so there is no currency risk for the borrower.

Since the repayment of the Swiss loans takes place via a German bank account of the paying bank, the loan customer does not incur any additional bank charges. However, a prerequisite for receiving an instant Credit Bureau-free loan from Switzerland is a fixed employment contract with an income that is sufficient for repayment, with Swiss banks applying stricter standards to the household accounts than German credit institutions.

In addition, banks from Liechtenstein and Switzerland generally do not waive faxing of proof of income and employment contract, even with instant loans, even if the authenticity of the submitted documents can hardly be verified.

Obtain multiple offers

Obtain multiple offers

Customers are happy to accept that Swiss instant loans without Credit Bureau have to pay slightly higher interest rates than regular German loans, especially since they often cannot take out a loan due to the negative entries in Germany. So that the additional costs are not too high, bank customers obtain several offers from a Swiss or Liechtenstein bank before taking out an instant loan and compare the conditions.

It should also be noted that no serious costs or processing fees are required for serious instant loans without Credit Bureau if the requested loan is not actually issued. According to the law, fees for lending may be charged in Germany, but no calculation fees for rejecting loan applications. This also applies to lenders based abroad.

Refinance installment loan.

Having the installment loan refinanced can currently bring significant interest advantages. Nevertheless, refinancing should not necessarily be carried out only because of the lower interest rates. Not all loan costs are automatically calculated back. Back calculation is only legally required for interest. It is therefore advisable to take a look at the contractual terms before any refinancing request.

Refinance the current installment loan – benefit from current interest rates.

Refinance the current installment loan - benefit from current interest rates.

Anyone who has signed long-term installment contracts in the past did not always get cheap interest. The key interest rate level in the past was significantly higher than it was in the times of the USD crisis. Old credit contracts, like insurance contracts, should be checked from time to time. Refinance the installment loan, which can turn out to be useful. In this way, better, newer contractual terms can be agreed. You can also benefit from the currently low interest rate level.

Before you decide to refinance, you should pay particular attention to the old contractual terms. According to applicable law, only the interest has to be calculated back. This does not necessarily apply to fees and residual debt insurance. In addition, costs for early loan repayment can be calculated. Only a more precise calculation shows whether it is worthwhile to refinance or not.

Recognize the best interest rates for the new contract.

The favorable interest rates of the present are tempting. Even so, no one should overshoot the mark with their savings efforts. Anyone who has a long repayment period ahead of them even after refinancing should not forego the fixed interest rate. A further cut in key interest rates is possible in the near future, but nobody can look into the far future. The majority of the “experts” consider inflation more likely to be the solution to the USD crisis. Only the fixed-rate loan can offer protection against this.

The effects of the CB’s planned purchases of government bonds from the problem countries are only expected in about two years. If you want to refinance an installment loan that has a shorter term than two years, you should rely on variable interest rates. They offer the cheaper entry requirements. In addition, further interest rate declines in key interest rates can be used. The CB is under pressure from the crisis, which calls for a further rate cut, along the lines of the American model. Refinancing the installment loan can, with caution, currently make use of some savings potential.